Contact Lens Evaluation

Contact Lenses can be a wonderful option for vision correction. If you desire contact lenses, your doctor will perform an extended evaluation of your eyes as it relates to contact lens wear. We use all of this information along with an in-depth discussion about your daily visual needs and goals for contact lens wear to select the best lens to complement your lifestyle. The contact lens evaluation may also involve follow-up visits to ensure that you are experiencing optimal vision, comfort, and eye health with your contact lenses.

We offer many different types of contact lenses including:

• Soft spherical contact lenses – for nearsightedness and farsightedness

• Soft toric contact lenses – for astigmatism

• Soft multifocal contact lenses – for those with different prescriptions for distance and reading

• Rigid gas permeable contact lenses – RGPs are custom made to order. The exact size and curvatures can be specified and therefore, these lenses can work well for those who are unable to wear soft contact lenses, including those with irregular corneas or high prescriptions

• Hybrid contact lenses – combines a RGP center with a soft lens skirt to provide the crisp vision of a RGP with the comfort of a soft lens

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